Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M17 发布

2017-02-14 22:27

Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M17 发布了。Tomcat 是一个小型的轻量级应用服务器,在中小型系统和并发访问用户不是很多的场合下被普遍使用,是开发和调试JSP 程序的首选。主要更新内容如下:



  • Extend the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to provide protection against  ForkJoinPool.commonPool() related memory leaks. (markt)


  • Ensure UpgradeProcessor instances associated with closed connections are removed from the map of current connections to Processors. (markt)

  • Remove a workaround for a problem previously reported with WebSocket, TLS and APR that treated some error conditions as not errors. The original problem cannot be reproduced with the current code and the work-around is now causing problems. (markt)


  • 60497 : Follow up fix using a better variable name for the tag reuse flag. (remm)

  • Revert use of try/finally for simple tags. (remm)


  • Prevent potential processing loop on unexpected WebSocket connection closure. (markt)


  • Enable reset the statistics without restarting the pool. (kfujino)


  • Update the NSIS Installer used to build the Windows installer to version 3.01. (markt)

  • Spelling corrections provided by Josh Soref. (violetagg)

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下载地址: http://tomcat.apache.org/download-90.cgi#9.0.0.M17